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Complete a Client Profile Yourself

How to manually add a client to enter their profile information yourself.
Written by Valerie Heckman
Updated 4 months ago

In LumaTax, you can invite clients to input their own information via a nexus survey. If you prefer, you can add a client and complete the profile yourself. This article explains how to manually add a client. Follow the steps below. 

Note: Nexus surveys and client profiles do not count against your billing thresholds unless you additionally upload data and complete a Nexus Analysis Report. You can survey unlimited clients.


  1. From the Practice Summary homepage, click Clients.
  2. In the upper right corner, click Add Clients.
  3. If you'd like, you can opt to use the client connect link to invite clients to enter their own information. To bypass, click Or, manually add client.
  4. Complete the fields for Client Business Name and Client ID and click Add Client.
  5. Continue to complete the profile.
Tip: After you've added clients, you can toggle between clients using the dropdown option in the upper left.
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