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Invite a new client to LumaTax using Client Connect

How to invite a client to complete their own nexus survey and share data.
Written by Valerie Heckman
Updated 4 months ago

In LumaTax, you can invite clients to input their own information via a nexus survey. We call this Client Connect. If you prefer, you can complete a client's profile yourself. This article explains how to invite a client to complete a survey and share data. Follow the steps below.

Note: Inviting a client into LumaTax will not allow them to complete the entire LumaTax workflow on their own. For more information, visit What can my client do and not do in LumaTax?
Note: Nexus surveys do not count against your billing thresholds unless you upload data and complete a Nexus Analysis Report. You can invite and survey unlimited clients.


  1. From the Practice Summary homepage, click Clients.
  2. In the upper right corner, click Add Clients.
  3. Click Copy link to clipboard. This link is unique to your firm. Clients who setup an account using this link will automatically be added to your client list.
  4. Paste this URL into an email to your clients. You may consider the below email template or write your own.

Example email template:

Hi [Client name], 
Our firm uses LumaTax to securely collect information to determine your sales tax compliance score and perform a detailed state-by-state nexus analysis if needed. Please use this link to create an account and complete a brief survey about your business. You will also have the option to upload transaction data and documents to us using this account.
[Insert Link]

Thank you, 

Tip: For quick access in the future, you can click Copy Client Connect URL from the Practice Summary page. 
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