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How to upload CSV files from any source system to LumaTax

After gathering files, use these steps to upload your client's transaction data history to LumaTax.
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Updated 4 months ago

Uploading your client's historical transaction data to LumaTax is essential to generating a complete nexus analysis. LumaTax allows you to upload multiple files from disparate source systems to aggregate them into normalized working files.
This article will teach you the steps in LumaTax to upload any file. 

For steps related to specific systems, see the following articles: 

For file requirements, visit the article Transaction Data File Requirements

In LumaTax: 

  1. Navigate to the Client Dashboard for this client by selecting them from the drop down in the upper left. 
  2. Go to the card for Data and click the Upload Data button.  Note: You will not be able to upload the data until the client's profile is completed. 
  3. Click Continue. Locate and select the file on your computer. 
  4. If the file automatically maps (Amazon or Shopify), you will see a logo for the source system. If not, you'll be prompted to map your file's headers to the appropriate fields in LumaTax and validate the mapping. When finished, click Continue. 
  5. Review the valid and invalid rows and download your validation report. 
  6. When ready, upload additional files or return to the Client Dashboard to run a Nexus Analysis Report. 

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