Getting Started Checklist

Steps for using LumaTax in your practice.
Written by Valerie
Updated 2 years ago

Welcome to LumaTax! We provide you with the tools you need to determine your clients' sales tax nexus exposure risk, measure that exposure, and advise clients on complex sales tax issues. 

This article explains the steps to use LumaTax. 

  1. Identify your at-risk clients to survey. 
  2. Invite your client(s) to complete a nexus survey. Or, you can enter their information yourself.  
  3. Review each client's estimated LumaTax Compliance Score.
  4. Upload historical transaction data , map, and review. 
  5. Run Nexus Analysis Reports for detailed state-by-state exposure. 
  6. Take action: Register or pursue other next steps with clients. 
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